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History of a day

Rosana Matecki
documentary, HD, color, 89min, 2010


Story of a Day begins as an observation of the tranquil existence of farmers living somewhere in rural Latin America. The day begins. A woman touches up her eyebrows. A man shaves. The chickens are let out and goats are fed. Little or nothing is said, but the soundtrack gradually evolves into a subtly rich combination of environmental and added sounds. This observation takes on a more contemplative aspect when attention shifts to other characters at other locations. In this document of a single day, Rosana Matecki tells an abstract story about a random selection of human lives. Whereas Walter Ruttman used the dynamics of the daily cycle to create a portrait of Berlin in Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt, Matecki takes the passing of the day as a medium for rites of passage. Nonetheless, she does not resort to the cliché of sunrise and sunset as symbols of birth and death. In Story of a Day, death comes in the morning, while elsewhere a wedding is being prepared. In meticulously framed shots, she shows people coming together for collective experiences: the ritual slaughter of a goat; the burial of a loved one; a young woman’s dance ritual apparently intended to charm a man; and, in the evening, a birthday party at which at least one guest has more alcohol than is good for him.

Original title: Historia de un día
Directed by Rosana Matecki
Feature Documentary. Color HD, 89 min.
Financed by CNAC (Venezuela), Jan Vrijman Fund (Netherlands).
Produced by Producciones Kiiskakuna
Copies: MiniDv, Betacam Digital Pal, Betacam SP ( inglés/frances/español)
TV version: 52 min (available in April 2010)
35 mm will be make in June 2010.

Web site:

Produced and directed by:Rosana Matecki
Direction of photography:John Márquez/ Emil Guevara
Sound: Cecilia Nava
Editing and visual effects: Lucas Villegas
Original score: Alejandro Rodríguez
Sound design and mix: LegatoProductions, Montreal, Canadá
Photo fixe: Fernando Bracho Bracho/ Jorge Briceño

Special participation of
The Guerrero family (Carrizales), the Avendaño family (San José), the Rodríguez and Zabala families (La Guardia), theHernandez family (Manzanillo), theEpieyúandPushainá (Manaure) andGirnú (Nazareth).

Oficial Selection:
23th International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) 2009, Amsterdam. (Docs for Sale 2009 IDFA).
8éme Edition du Festival Ouidah 2010 á Benin.
25to Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara 2010. (Mercado FICG25) 6th Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2010, Qatar.
6° Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Mar de Plata 2010 (MARFICI), Argentina
TRT International Documentary Film Competition 2010, Turquía. DocShop/ Hot doc 2010, Toronto 26° Festival de Cine de Varsovia 2010, Polonia

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